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Computer Services

Bespoke Servers Solutions

Consultation on Suitable Server Solutions:

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to business that require a server solution that will meet the demand and future growth of your business. Our server solutions are well suited to small and medium size business that is looking to improve and grow their business.

Centralisation of Business Data:

Centralisation and consolidation is seen at all level of business process each day. We offer a range of specialist services to get the most out of your current infrastructure. The main advantages of consolidating your IT infrastructure are lower costs of administration, increased overall security, improve manageability and reliability. We will help your business to be prepared, protect crucial data, data storage systems and e-mail systems against failure.

Reliability & Redundancy Solution:

Redundancy solutions maximize your company uptime, ensuring that all business processes continue with little or no effect. Redundancy solutions are a key part of planning for ICT Service failure. This includes Fail-safe options including failover servers, data and media storage. We can help you to minimize any disruption to your business with build in redundancy at all level of your ICT.

Industry Standard Windows Server Operating Systems:

The Windows server system includes a comprehensive and integrated infrastructure that is designed to meet the requirements of developers and of information technology (IT) professionals. We offer installation services; server management services both on-site and off-site solutions.

We also offer an extensive range of services such as Small Business Server, Linux-based Server Operating Systems, Groupware & Information Sharing Throughout your Business and Build Bespoke Workstations for Specialist Uses.

Bespoke Server Services:

  • Centralisation of Business Data
  • Consultation on Suitable Server Solutions
  • Custom Build Data Backup Server
  • Custom Build Email Server
  • Custom Build File Sever
  • Custom Build Network Server
  • Custom Build Performance PCs
  • Custom Build Print Servers
  • Data Management Servers
  • Groupware & Information Sharing Throughout your Business
  • Industry Standard Windows Server Operating Systems e.g. Windows 2003
  • Linux-based Server Operating Systems e.g. SME Server (huge savings on software licence costs).
  • Reliability & Redundancy Solution (e.g. UPS, RAID)
  • Small Business Server