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Computer Services

Data Backup and Security

Onsite Backup or Remote/Offsite Backup

Data backup and storage solutions deliver secure, cost-effective backup and restore for data held on PCs, laptops, servers and networked environments. Our data backup services are designed for businesses that need simple and reliable backups of their critical data. We install customized software to backup your data at regular interval throughout your business operation without impacting regular business services.

Backup Hardware Solutions:

Iomega REV:

Iomega® REV® drives and removable disks combine reliability, ease of use and affordability to safely secure, backup and recover your critical data. The Iomega REV family of products, based on proven removable hard disk technology, provides a solution to fit a variety of storage requirements – from desktop and servers to automation and built-in solutions. Now available in 35GB or 70GB capacities per disk, REV products include powerful backup and disaster recovery software and offer a complete solution to meet the specific storage needs of small or medium-sized businesses.

Removable HDDs:

The removable hard drive is a simple and effective way to meet your need for removable storage and data back-up. Compatible with all kinds of tower cases, desktop PCs, external chassis, and RAID subsystems.

Travan Tape:

Quantum Travan tape drives are the ideal backup solution for entry-level servers, workstations and laptops. Whether you have a small business or a home office, when you need fully removable backup for up to 40GB of data, a Quantum Travan solution is the one you can trust. The Travan drives products are easy to use, extremely reliable and affordable.

Software Backup Solutions:

Windows Server Backup:

Drive Backup Server Edition reduces risks of data damage or loss, Windows server downtime, saving precious time, efforts and costs. It delivers you a wide range of basic and advanced server disk imaging backup, disk cloning and restore, features and abilities required for reliable Windows Server Editions protection including File Servers, MS Exchange, major SQL Servers and other servers.

Robocopy Plus Custom Script:

Robocopy enables the more serious file replication tasks that can really simplify your job. The biggest benefit I think you'll find is the ability to create full mirror duplicates of two file structures (including all subdirectories and files, if you choose) without copying any unnecessary files. Only the files that are new or have been updated in the source location will be copied.


EMC Backup Advisor provides the reporting, analysis, and alerts you need to optimize your entire backup and recovery environment. Backup Advisor supports your entire backup operation, managing data across storage, servers, and applications regardless of platform or location.

Retrospect Express and Professional Edition:

EMC® Retrospect® is available exclusively with leading hardware manufacturer backup devices and is designed for home environments. It protects a single Windows or Macintosh desktop or notebook computer by backing up to internal and external hard drives and CD/DVDs. Retrospect Express delivers proven data protection capabilities in an easy-to-use software package.

Network Backup over LAN (NAS)

Disk to Disk backup will produce a real-time backup of your data. This can be to another data backup server on-site or remotely off-site. Data protection for your small-to-medium network is easily managed with our network backup solutions. Ideally suited to business that needs real time data protection and fast data recovery. We also offer full comprehensive Advice on Backup Strategies and Media Storage.

  • Onsite Backup or Remote Backup and Offsite Backup Via Internet
  • Backup Hardware: Iomega REV, Removable HDDs, Travan tape etc
  • Software: Windows Server backup, Robocopy Plus Custom Script, EMC
  • Retrospect Express, EZ-BackItUp Pro
  • NAS - Network Attached Storage Solution
  • Network Backup over LAN (NAS)
  • Advice on Backup Strategies and Media Storage