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Computer Services

Online Backup Services for the Small and Medium sized Business

Most companies and individuals know that they should protect their data, but don't spend the time & effort that this valuable resource demands. This is where an online backup can help. According to the DTI, over 70% of businesses that lose their data go bust within two years, don't become another statistic, choose our backup solution today.

Business whom have a backup scheme setup, most run it infrequently at best, and are not rigorous in changing tapes etc. This unfortunately only becomes evident when the company suffers a computer crash, virus, or malicious attack. Our backup software runs on most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, NetWare, Unix and all other platforms supporting a Java2 Runtime Environment.

Affordable Online Backup Solution

Backup unlimited number of servers or workstations with absolutely no set-up charge. Get a 30-day free trial account with 20GB storage. Thereafter the monthly pricing will be as follows:

  • 5 Gig online storage 10
  • 10 Gig online storage 20
  • 15 Gig online storage 30
  • 20 Gig online storage 40
  • 30 Gig online storage 50
  • 40 Gig online storage 60
  • 50 Gig online storage 70
  • 60 Gig online storage 80
  • 70 Gig online storage 90
  • 80 Gig online storage 100
  • 90 Gig online storage 110
  • 100 Gig online storage 120
  • 100+GB (Please contact us)

Get the following benefits from our Online Backup Solution:

  • No set-up charge
  • Backup multiple computers at no extra cost
  • Free 30 day trial online backup 20 Gig limit
  • Remote backup of Laptops, Workstations, Servers
  • Online backup of servers at no extra cost
  • UK Data Centres
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption to keep your data secure
  • Full remote backup of Microsoft Exchange at no extra cost
  • Email notifications of all remote backup events
  • Online backup SQL Server at no extra cost
  • Local copy option (e.g. NAS & external hard drives) for combined onsite/remote backup protection
  • Clear and easy to understand pricing
  • Incremental remote backup software technology only backs up new/changed files
  • Select the files to be backed up using filters, e.g. *.doc on your computer in a single operation.
  • Ability to restrict bandwidth use to maximise available internet access during office hours
  • Online backup open files
  • Compression of all files before uploading to server
  • Weekly File validation of all files stored on the server to ensure 100% restores
  • Powerful restore functionality of remotely backed up files and restore a folder with one click
  • Mirrored servers to protect all your files backed up online
  • Unlimited versions of each file can be kept via our remote backup software
  • Fully automated online backups require no user intervention
  • Powerful scheduler for the online backup software, means install and forget
  • High bandwidth internet access to online servers to enable fast remote backup rates
  • Restore from the original PC or a new PC using the software, or restore from any PC using online backup web portal
  • 99.9% uptime for online backup servers


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